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Get to know Western New York’s Largest Locally owned contract security company

Two Generations of reliable protection

In 1979 Leo Noe decided to channel his years of hard-earned knowledge and invaluable experience as the regional manager of a nationwide security company into the creation of his own security agency.  Joining him was his son, Lee also a veteran of the the security and investigations industry.  Lee had been a point man on a roving unit specially formed to provide security at labor disputes throughout the Northeast.

Within just one year, the fledgling company had secured three major contracts with businesses that, more than than two decades later, still employ Mueller Security and Investigations for their protection.  The firm is now Western New York’s largest locally owned security and investigations firm, with over 175 employees and an enviable record of service to area businesses.

Continuity is the Key

Lee is now President and has taken over day-to-day operation of the company he and his father founded.  Today, the tradition of excellence continues.  We still serve with distinction the first three major clients signed by the firm in 1980.  Although each of the companies has undergone many changes over the years, one thing that has remained constant is their confidence in and their decision to retain the services of Mueller security and Investigations.  The loyalty of our client is a testament to the dedication and service we bring to all our commitments.

In addition to providing complete security services for some of Western New York’s largest and best-known businesses, hospitals and other organizations, our team of experts also specializes in confidential investigation sand labor dispute security- assignments that present the most sensitive and difficult challenges in the business.  Thanks to an unbroken record of professionalism, the company enjoyed its largest period of growth over the last five years.

A Reputation for Integrity and Dependability

Our local knowledge and family-oriented philosophy help us attact and retain the best employees in the business.  We treat the people who work for Mueller security and Investigations the way we like to be treated ourselves- with courtesy and respect, and with the fair remuneration, excellent benefits, processional training, continuing education and on-site supervision, all of which contribute to our low turnover rate.

We value long-term, person to person relationships as the key to improving our business.  You will never get the runaround from us.  There’s no leaving messages with the home office and waiting–hoping for the service you need.  The person who opens your account is the person who will manage your account going forward, and your site supervisor or field supervisor stays in constant contact with you, providing daily updates about whats happening at your facility.

A contract with Mueller Security and Investigations is more than a business deal for us- it’s a bond of Trust.  After all, nothing is more important to our continued success in this business than our good name.

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